Electric Pallet Truck

  --WHY CHOOSE US-- "Quality first, Technology leading, Cooperation and Win-win". 1. Founded in 1997. Specialized in material handle equipments. 2. We have advanced equipment, we innovate the products usually. 3. We can customized products according to customs’ specific requirements. 4. We have advantages of quick delivery, factory price & 24/7 service to our customs.       Advantages of electric pallet truck: 1) Emergency reverse switch operating handles, greatly improved the security. 2) The two battery and horizontal driving wheel drive system. 3) Electronic control system, sensitive response, easy operation. 4) Excellent driving wheels, reliable braking system. 5) The emergency stop switch to immediately stop the vehicle.  
Model Measurement HEP15 HEP20 HEP25
Load weight (kg) 1500 2000 2500
Load centre distance (mm) 600
Manipulartion   walking type/standing driving type
Max. lifting height (mm) 205
Min. lifting height (mm) 85
Radius of turning circle (mm) 1606
Pallet truck length (mm) 1800
The truck width (mm) 820
Fork specifications (mm) 1150×175×60
Fork outer width (mm) 550×680
Fork inner width (mm) 200×330
Driving speed (full/no load)) (km/h) 4.5/5
Lifting speed (full load/no load) (mm/s) 4.5/4
Falling speed (full/no load) (mm/s) 5/10
Maximum climbing slope (full load/no load) (%) 5/8
Brake mode   Electromagnetic brake
Driving wheel (mm) 230*75
Tire materials   PU
Drive wheel type   vertical type
Load wheel (mm) 80×70
Balance wheel (mm) 130×55
Drive motor (kw) 1.5
Lift motor (kw) 1.2
Battery (voltage/capacity) (v/ah) 24/160 24/210 24/210
Control Type   Curtis AC control
Net weight (including battery) kg 480 640 680